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NEW SINGLE Rock The Zombie

Rock The Zombie has been waiting patiently underground and is about to get you dancing round the town! What was initially meant to be a demo is simply too cool to be held back! Recorded and produced in Brisbane by emerging producer, Tom Fodor, and hastily finished, just in time for the bands’ recent departure to Europe, the song has been part of their live show for almost two years, and is a live favourite of the band and fans alike.

The song was co-written with Dean Morrissey, (who also co-wrote Derby Girls) and the awesome gory video clip, which was also two years in the making, features footage from the Brisbane Zombie Walk is a must see, put together by emerging cinematographer, Ben Russell. When the song and video was leaked to their closest fans back home the response was overwhelming!

“The poor old thing deserves to breath now, and I’m really pleased we’ve finally come out of the closet to claim our deformed rock child” jokes singer Kylie Cowling. “It’s a fun song to play, it’s a great song to dance and sing along to and it’s an amazing video to watch. It”s got all the ingredients for a Halloween party anthem”.

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Rock The Zombie –

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